• Your end of lease cleaning team were quite simply magic - I got my full rent deposit back thanks ...

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  • We were absolutely delighted with the professionalism and efficient work ethic of your cleaners. ...

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  • My oven is brilliant and has never looked cleaner... 10/10!

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Thorough After Builders Cleaning

How Can Our Post-Building Clean-Up Aid You

After the builders have been round, you might find the house is in a bit of a state. Although they might make a token gesture, their job is to make and install things, not to clean up. Debris such as fine dust, wood chippings and sawdust are all by-products of home building projects and can be potentially hazardous. Abrasive particles can seriously damage air quality in an enclosed space if not cleared properly, while the cleaning of areas such as plug sockets should be handled by a professional - That's where our services in after builders cleaning in Melbourne can help!

Our expert service include: 

Kitchen - With a fine attention to detail to avoid contamination of food storage areas, we clean all surfaces, cupboards, the fridge/freezer - inside & out, dishwasher & washing machine - inside & out, as well as cleaning and descaling of the sink.

Bathroom - Scrub and descale bath and shower, shower door and head. Clean and disinfect the floor, toilet and sink, polish mirrors and glass panels.

Bedroom & living areas - Taking great care with your furniture, we'll clean and polish all hard-top surfaces - tables, wardrobes, cupboards, skirting boards, window frames & sills.

Booking Reliable After-Builders Cleaning in Melbourne

You can also find details of all our cleaning services, including end of lease cleaning or carpet cleaning, simply by calling us on 03 9988 6995You’ll even be able to get a free quote over the phone and learn how much you can save when you choose to hire us. We believe it's this upfront approach to our pricings that has helped us form such great relationships with our clients.

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